Do you want to generate more revenue from Linkedin, not likes?

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You target B2B clients, and...


How it works on LinkedIn?

Let me tell you about the real situation



Who can teach you how to get sales on LinkedIn?

Well, there are 3 types of LinkedIn advisors:

"LinkedIn lead gen specialists" – who send tones of messages and have 2 likes under every post.

"Viral hunters" – who want their posts to get the maximum reach and reactions. They usually use emotional stories, which not necessarily attract the clients they want.

"High ticket masters" – they know who are their clients and how to win them. They understand well the needs of their prospects and try to help them in the best possible way. Without being spammy and annoying.

I'm in the third group.

If you like this approach, I might have something for you.

I get clients through LinkedIn since 2018. I trained and advised many companies – freelance consultants and big corporations.

During the workshop "LinkedIn for B2B revenue, not like", I'll teach your team how to attract the high-ticket clients.

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agency owner

B2B Consultant


You've heard that LinkedIn can be a great source of clients.

And you feel that you should use this platform better.

But... where to start?

How to find time?

How to make a plan that you will stick to for longer than a week or two?

You already have too much on your plate. You want your people to take care of all this marketing stuff.

But... they seem lost.

How to guide them, if you don't feel confident yourself?

How to make them take initiative and start bringing you high ticket clients?

You are not sure what you should focus on, and you are overwhelmed by the number of possible tactics.

What will be the best next step?

Should you build a personal or company brand?

Is it better to outsource or hire marketing in-house?

Who in your team should take it?

Who can benefit from the workshop?

Do you see your potential clients on LinkedIn?

If so, you are in the right place to finally equip your time with my LinkedIn 5P Formula.


Take a look at what some of my previous clients say:

And much more...

I also use these strategies in my business. Even though I have in my network top LinkedIn creators, I'm among the top 1%, according to SSI.

Here are some possible topics:

1. Audit of your current activities on Linkedin of your team members

2. Different approaches to get new clients, like video prospecting, ABM and much more.

3. Different ways to build relationships with possible partners, content creators etc.

4. Content plan – how to get ideas for your posts and organize them?

5. Writing effective posts (we'll write some of them together, also I'll be happy to give you some feedback on those written by yourself)

6. How to use Sales Navigator (and why you should do it?)

7. How to overcome mental blocks

8. How to organize your LinkedIn activity to fit your life (and not to destroy your day schedule)

We can adjust the agenda of the workshop for your specific needs.

What will we cover during the "LinkedIn for B2B revenue, not likes" workshop

And much more...

I also use these strategies in my business. Even I have in my network top LinkedIn creators, I'm among top 1%

8 hours LinkedIn Implementation Program costs €1500

What do you get in this price?

- workshop with customized agenda for your situation

- done-with-you process during workshop on how to build an effective profile, create a content plan, write posts and approach clients without spammy messages everyone hates,

- strategy on what to do to get to the next level to make sure that you take the most beneficial actions,

- 60 days of free Sales Navigator (for first time users) to allow you to find the best possible clients.

But before you decide, I'd like to make sure that it is something suited for you. Book a free 15 minutes session, so we can both check if it can work. No strings attached!

Let's get you dream clients in 2024!


How much does it cost?